Oracle card of the week 8/15/17

There is power in softness. Not every solution requires powerful action or force to become what it should be. This week we will see the best outcomes through gentle compassion. When confronted by evil intentions we can only be overcome if we fight back with evil. If we can firmly remain in alignment with God’s invincible peace, we can bring others into it as well. This includes the daily, unkind interactions we have with ourselves. Be an epicenter for sweetness, for the divine feminine, and for love.

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The ultimate Manifestation: The Lion’s Gate Portal


August 2017 holds a great amount of cosmic weight. With multiple planets going retrograde and both Lunar and Solar Eclipses working around the full and new moons the energy may begin to feel frantic and heavy if you’re not properly grounded. From August 8th to the 14th a rare astrological opportunity will be available to more firmly secure this for yourself and for all.

The astrological sign Leo has long been associated with the courageous Lion. Confident, willing and able to be whatever the situation in front of us may need. Exactly what the universe needs of us right now. This particular thinning of the veil will show us how we can embody this traits to better prepare ourselves for the new earth. Forget your typical theories of what you believe the end of the world will look like. If you’re reading an article like this, chances are you’ve already been experiencing the changes needed to embody the new earth vibration.

To simplify and put to rest any fears you have, just embrace love. Everything man does is for love, even war. The root of every action weather kind or heinous is for the desire to feel one with this peaceful, loving graceful light within us all. The most courageous act we must perform now though is to skip the extra steps and just be at peace. Regardless of our surroundings we can be loving and at peace. This will create the new earth. An earth of pure peace ready to accompany the source of all creation.

This means loving your enemies, forgiving those who have wronged you. Not for the purpose of welcoming these painful energies back into your life, but to be a more pure anchor for love. In the face of cruelty, you must be love. This open portal will show you your next steps. You may or may not be ready for what you have to do. But trusting that this is your truth will be the answer. All in all. Choose Love, Choose peace. Forget everything else.

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Creative Magic: Scratching the Itch for Expansion


When I was planning my wedding, I didn’t experience the stress that everyone said I would. I was exited to pick out flowers, to play around with different fabrics, to design my perfect cake. What was stressful, was everyone getting into my space and taking away the pleasures of the creative process and trying to take them for themselves. While I was angry, I understand that even people that aren’t artistic or the “creative” type, have this itch. The itch to see and idea become a reality.

We were all made in the image of the divine, and the divine is constantly expanding, or in other words, creating. In some cultures it’s believed that if this instinct isn’t satisfied we can find ourselves headed down a dark path. This can mean addiction, depression, or even physical disease. I’m sure I’ve sold you, but what action steps can you take to keep this balance.

1. Ask you uncomfortable emotions questions: Jealousy is a perfect example of an emotion that rises when your creative itch isn’t being scratched. Ask yourself am I feeling this because of what’s happening around me? Or is there something I can do to heal myself from the inside out.

2. One Step a day: We’re all too busy. That’s the number one reason we avoid improving ourselves. But we all have time to add one more piece to that painting. I had time to write this one blog article. We can add dance moves while we brush our teeth or cook dinner. Little steps are everything in the big picture. Take one each day.

3. Create opportunities, don’t just take the ones you’re given: I especially learned this through the planning of my wedding. I so desperately wanted to see this vision come to life and friends or family members that either didn’t have the opportunity to have a bigger wedding or hadn’t found the they’re twin flame did as well. And now that it’s all over the itch has been scratched for no one. But my home could still use some new decor, I could host a small brunch, or a million other things. There doesn’t have to be one big thing. There’s always something to celebrate and an opportunity to create.

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Oracle card of the week 8/6/2017

The conditions are ripe for a better situation. If you can jump your parachute will allow you to land safely somewhere new and wonderful. It’s scary to take a leap of faith, but to make room for growth and blessings you have to rid yourself of burdens that don’t serve you anymore. What area of your life could be replaced with something better than what you’ve been clinging to? Chances are you know exactly what difficult step you need to take. The Full moon energy will be a great aid for clearing out the old and welcoming the new.

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Anxiety as a super power: Your intuition hard at work


Anxiety gets a bad reputation. Understandably so since it’s incredibly uncomfortable to experience whether it’s you or someone you love. But what if maybe the clenching in our stomach, the shakiness, and all the painful emotional aspects had a message for us?

When we’re not on the right path it can lead to all sorts of negative manifestations. What if our anxiety is a compass, leading us away from what’s not meant for us? As we become more and more authentic, what’s not for us has to be pushed away. Naturally when things shake up our carefully constructed plans we feel afraid, but what if we could ask the discomfort questions?

We’d know the next right move. We would take the next right step. We could get back on the right path. As you continue on your spiritual journey you might even get validation.

Back in College I remember being madly in lust with a guy that had secrets. I found myself feeling angry when he didn’t respond to my texts, or cancelled plans. More than I should have been. I didn’t want to be “that crazy girl” so I avoided confronting him about my suspicions until it was too late and I exploded with anger and jealousy in his face. Eventually after time had passed, I met the other woman. She came to me in tears apologizing for the anger she held towards me in the situation. She confessed that in addition to his lack of faithfulness he had physically abused her. We made peace and became friends. To this day I’m so grateful that those insecurities boiling inside me overflowed and saved me from a much worse pain.

Next time you notice yourself becoming anxious, visualize your anxiety as a friend in need. Ask it what’s wrong and how you can help. The answer may surprise you and the confirmation in your life will surprise you even more.

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Oracle card of the week 7/30/17

In our lives we sometimes experience rejection. This can come from friends, lovers, family, our heroes, or many other ways. Sometimes when it happens enough we can learn to immediately repel that which we deeply need. The divine feminine is the force of gracious receptivity, of openness and vulnerability. It’s okay to let your guard down and experience real divine love. This week is ripe for healing your feminine energy. Orange crystals like carnelian, activities like dancing and all things creative will help you awaken your goddess. Love will always find and fill an open heart.

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Oracle card of the week 7/23/17

You’re finally going to get a chance to slow down after what felt like an endless rush! Enjoy this peace because your next lesson is hidden in your inner silence. Practicing meditation, yoga or other spiritually healing activities will help you tap into the messages you’re meant to receive. You’ll also be able to heal yourself properly. All the frequencies are exactly where they should be. Enjoy it and express gratitude!

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Oracle card of the week 7/16/17


There will always be things to improve on. There will always be critics telling you ways to change yourself to better suit their needs. This week we’re advised to remember our natural talents and keep our focus on cultivating them. The opinions of others rarely stand to serve us. Any time you find yourself confronted with non constructive criticism, change the subject to something positive. Better things are ahead if you can avoid distractions from your path. Keep your eye on the prize!

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Energy Vampires: How to Stop them from Sucking out your Light


We all know one. We’ve all been one. As we grow more compassionate we learn to understand why someone would need to suck the joy out of another being. When a person is afraid, dissatisfied, or overall feeling unloved it’s natural for them to seek positive energy to escape these negative emotions. However, without realizing it, the search for relief can mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically drain the people around them.

While we compassionately wish them the same relief they crave we still have to live our lives in alignment with our best possible good. Energy vampires flock to positive, spiritual types with the same desperation as an addict to their dealer. Your light gives them temporary joy that they unfortunately can’t sustain leaving both of you zapped and aimlessly searching for a more lifted energy. Our joy is generated by our own inner powerhouse, not from others. By giving all of our life source to these energy vampires, we not only harm ourselves but we keep them stuck in this same cycle. So what can we do?

  1. Detached Listening: While ideally it would be nice to rid ourselves of these soul suckers, sometimes we find ourselves surrounded by energy vampires that we can’t avoid. The coworker that seems to have more problems than they can count, the gossipy cashier, the worrying, overbearing family member, the parent of our children and so on and so forth. During your interactions it’s possible be a comforting ear to listen to their pain, as long as you confirm it within your mind and soul that this is not your pain. Let yourself be a screen filtering out the negative energy, not a bucket to collect it. This is always a great opportunity to practice non judgement by not labeling their energetic chains of conscious thought as negative or positive. Just another stream of consciousness for you to observe.
  2. Become Less Available: As we grow spiritually and discover what’s best for us we may notice that people that we once deeply connected with are actually incredibly harmful for our best possible path. We see this with people completing 12 step programs that attempt to return home to see old friends that put them down for discontinuing drinking, smoking, or whatever their former vice may have been. While we love these people and thank them for the experiences they’ve added to our lives we’re in this life to be our best. You don’t always have to abruptly banish someone, sometimes being unable to meet them at the bar because you’ve got to attend your favorite yoga class is the most powerful sword you can wield. If this person is truly meant to continue to be a part of your life, they’ll open their mind to new healthy activities with you. Who knows? Your healthy habits may inspire them to cultivate the necessary lifestyle change they need.
  3. Bless them from A Far: Sometimes your firmness in the light will clash with their firmness in the dark. Separation will become inevitable. At this point the best thing to do is to monitor your thought patterns in their direction. It’s going to be natural to be angry at how they’ve affected you and it’s okay to express this honestly. Be sure that as you heal that you extend the healing vibration in their direction. Visualize cutting the chord that they used to drain you with razor sharp loving words and thoughts. Light will always overcome the darkness. And you can help them find it within themselves by focusing on being the best love generator you can be.

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Oracle card of the week 7/9/17

The intense full moon energy is hard at work clearing away what no longer serves us. We’re bound to feel a little drained in the process. You can’t pour from an empty cup so it’s important to fill yourself up this week. Take a nice hot bath, practice yoga, eat foods that raise your energy or whatever else lifts you. Nurture yourself and then you can be of service to others. Your gifts will be requested in full swing very soon.

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