The Healing Power of Not Being Helpful; 27 Day Challenge

698EFB48-2BB8-4ED7-9C50-C35B708DF7AE.jpegOne of the most important aspects of living a purposeful life is being of service. Regardless of your spiritual or religious background, the impact you have on others is the most powerful legacy and the most effective way to grow and develop a divine perspective. It’s just in our nature to want others to feel good because of who we are and the things that we do for them.

But Admittedly, as I write this I am completely fried and resentful of my coworkers, spouse, friends and family for things I agreed to help them with. I agreed to free up large amounts of my time and resources and at the time I agreed to these gestures, I did so out of genuine love and gratitude for these people and a true willingness to help. But without even realizing it, my cup is empty, and I still have obligations to fulfill.

I’ve decided to block off a 27 day long window in alignment with my usual fall caffeine and alcohol detox, where I will be detoxing from being helpful. Obviously emergencies aside, this includes driving long distances, sacrificing time or money  that I was hoping to put towards my own personal growth, listening to people vent about their problems (again, emergencies aside), taking on extra duties, over exerting myself when I’m sick, running surprise errands etc.

Hopes are that by the end of this Detox period that I will have a newfound appreciation for myself and the wonderful people that surround me and feel the excitement of serving others again.

What are your thoughts on taking a “helpfulness detox”?


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