The Paradox of Ambition

3CD7B253-310D-4EEB-B3C2-2C9865DD6358Today is such an incredible day. I woke up when my eyes opened naturally, I made my coffee in a pour over with extra love, I gave myself reiki, I pet my cat, listened to some soft meditation music, I played around with an adult coloring book and didn’t worry if I stayed inside the lines. As I write this I’m still in my bathrobe, my house is a mess as well as my hair and I haven’t even showered or brushed my teeth. Today has been about nothing but soothing myself and following the path of least resistance.

If you haven’t noticed, It’s been a couple of weeks since I have written a blog article other than the oracle card of the week. Don’t get me wrong, writing about this human experience from the perspective of an awakened spiritual being brings me such joy and once I can sit down with an open laptop and get my fingers to the key board the words flow and I get lost in the enjoyment of it, but for some reason the past couple of weeks I couldn’t push myself to sit down and make it happen. Any time my reminder went off to write or doing something productive towards my upcoming book or this blog my mind froze. So why is it that on days like today when I’ve been by most people’s standards a little lazy, selfish and unproductive am I unstoppably inspired to write? I finally understand.

When you are a creative being, the “work” your doing cannot be jarred up through self help books pushing you to set a timer and write until it beeps. Your productivity as a creative comes when you ease into your being. The concept of working your ass off to create is counter productive. You’re not digging for gems, you’re holding the bucket so they can fall in and expressing gratitude for every gift of inspiration.

There is no success formula that will cover everyone’s goals and it’s time we stopped looking for answers outside of ourselves. Just be, and you’ll find your own formula.

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Oracle card of the week 11/13/2017

You have a story to tell, and the universe wants you to tell it this week. Play around with the seeds blossoming into visions. Whether you write, paint, sculpt, make jewelry or whatever your medium may be the time is now to explore. Don’t create with a need to show off and be admired, let the canvas be the vessel you pour your shadow onto. Art is a fantastic way to embrace our shadow and heal wounds before they fester or become hurtful to others. Don’t hold back with your masterpiece this week!

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Oracle card of the week 11/5/17

2 cards reminding us that self love will be a core value in our progress. The week ahead is going to be a test. If you’ve been feeling stuck in a loop of self sabotage, whether you like it or not you’ll be changing long term destructive patterns. The divine refers to habits we’re trying to break. Everything we do is in pursuit of pleasure or avoidance of pain. By pin pointing the source of pain that started the bad habit and expressing compassion towards the part of yourself that is wounded, you can more easily and successfully reset your behavior.

Often times, belief systems that we develop around childhood traumas shape our behavior in a way that we’ve decided aids our survival. For example, if your father drank and your Saturday morning cartoons upset him when he was hungover and lead to abuse, you may associate a negative perspective against cartoons. Cartoons aren’t necessarily hurtful, but your mind as a child only sees the pain caused by watching them and now you feel guilty and unworthy in association. Perhaps you now don’t allow your children to watch cartoons based on a false belief system or your favorite childhood tv show triggers depressive episodes. For some it stops at negative emotions, but for many the inability to heal these negative emotions manifests as addictions or other forms of self harm.

By isolating the root experience leading to our emotional trauma, and showing compassion to ourselves afterwards, we can finally heal. The energy is ripe for this deep healing this week. Be gentle on yourself this week.

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Oracle Card of the Week 10/29/17

We’ve been getting a lot of advice regarding feminine yin energy. The energy of allowing and receiving. This week in order to reach our goals we must flip the switch and tune into our masculine energy to reach our goals. This week requires confident action towards what really matters. Eliminate what does not serve you and focus on what does. The full moon on Saturday will be a fantastic aid for this.

Set your intentions for passionate focus on your priorities and tune into the power of the divine masculine yang energy. You may encounter opportunities very much outside your comfort zone, where you’ll have to be decisive and even a little impulsive. Have faith, this is a better direction than where you’ve been. Take ownership of what drives you this week and go full speed ahead. The ascended masters will support you in confronting fear and rising above it.

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Oracle card of the week 10/24/17 better late than never!

Lugh is back to keep us pushing forward. No matter what has already happened, what trauma you’re carrying, the greatest healer is time. Your next moves are in your hands and you can make them beautiful. Pain and pleasure are both temporary in our lives. The only guarantee we have is that we will keep going forward. Work on your physical strength this week to help restore your mental and emotional health.

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F*ck that! What to Embrace and what to Ignore on your Journey 

We’re living in an age of endless information and choices and options, when the people that raised us didn’t have internet access. We were groomed to jump at opportunities when they reveal themselves because to our caregivers these opportunities were something more rare. Nowadays, if you don’t like your job, you can click instantly and send your resume to 10 other companies. Don’t like your spouse? Swipe in someone cuter and younger.

As wonderful as it is to have endless choices, it’s easier to make the wrong ones based on a fleeting fear of getting stuck and missing out on something better. We’re still stuck, it just seems like we’re climbing a latter when we’re actually running on a hamster wheel. How do we know when to stay and when to go? Well lucky for us, we humans have been blessed with a powerful inner guidance system that we can all turn to in times of indecision.

  1. Be firm in who you are: It’s impossible to never have a moment of self doubt, but there are permanent aspects of you that no one else can offer. Write them down so in the face of all opportunity and chaos, you won’t sacrifice who you are. Empaths can benefit from this greatly, since our own energy can get so muddled.
  2. What is the itch I’m trying to scratch? When offered a new opportunity that makes us want to end our current one, we often fantasize about the fulfillment we’ll feel when we start with the new one. It’s helpful to take a moment of dialogue with yourself and question if the lack of fulfillment has been lingering, or whether it’s been brought up by the curiosity of something new. Always question authority, even your own impulses.
  3.  Ask for a sign: Whether you like to look at it as divine intervention or just your magnificent problem solving brain hard at work to crack a puzzle, asking for visual confirmation can help reveal your subconscious motives and desires. Ask a yes or no question and pick a visual representation of yes or no. Let ‘s say on your journey “yes” is a butterfly and “no” is a squirrel. You might surprise yourself with the accuracy.
  4. Go over your hierarchy of needs: This link shows Maslow’s diagram of everything you actually need to be a functioning, happy adult. Many of us are lacking somewhere, but often times we sacrifice needs we have met to fill new needs. Keeping us trapped in that hamster wheel of lack. If you can fill needs without sacrificing by making a change, that’s usually a good indication that it’s okay to leave.

Be willing to take risks that help you grow and meet your needs, but with everyone’s life on display for the world to see it can be easy to feel like in comparison we’re not enough. Define enough for yourself, and F*ck all the rest.

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Oracle card of the week 10/17/17

Do you feel a sacral chakra blockage? Do you find your Yin or receptive energy a little off? What you are currently facing involves issues or pain regarding a major female presence in your life. This may even be your own feminine energy that needs healing, and that doesn’t just apply to the women. Channel healing energy via orange crystals like carnelian or set an intention in your meditation to heal traumatic experiences that are causing you unnecessary suffering.

Yin, or feminine energy is about letting go and allowing the natural order to take the wheel. Be open to your inner silence and find out what’s forcing you to always take action, awareness allows release to make room for what’s better.

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Oracle Card of the Week 10/8/2017


It’s been a week of intense trauma all over the world. Lugh reminds us that we have the power to move forward. It’s important to mourn for the fallen, it’s important to be compassionate, but we must continue living our own lives. Take a single action in the name of love to improve the situation. Whether that’s a monetary, time or prayer donation they’re all valid forms of healing those in need. Once this action has been taken, you must free yourself from the pain that doesn’t belong to you and stop the needless suffering. You’re not selfish to continue on with your hopes and dreams, in fact you’re divine. Energy goes where attention flows and in the face of tragedy, the ability to pick yourself up and continue on your path is absolutely necessary to create peace for all.

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Using the Full Moon to the Fullest: My Personal Ritual 

full moon

To the untrained soul the full moon energy can be exhausting or even painful. Lucky for you an awakened being you know that when Mother Nature gives you more intensity as it does around certain celestial positioning, you need to find a path for it to go. If your waves are crashing against the wall give them a new path to flow. Around the full moon we can do this by breaking down our inner walls. Clearing ourselves of what no longer serves us.

I wanted to share my own personal ritual to get your creative juices flowing if you hadn’t yet developed a ritual of your own. Feel free to comment if you have a ritual you would like to share!

1. Set your intentions: I prefer to write them down. The full moon energy is best for releasing energy. I enjoy formatting it as so;

“It is my intention with this powerful full moon energy to release the following energies out of my experience that no longer serve me in exchange for peace and alignment with my highest good.

  1. Childhood Trauma
  2. Self Doubt
  3. Money worries
  4. Resentment towards past events
  5. Acts of violence and all  other Blocks to world peace

With gratitude I exchange these energies for those in alignment with my highest good and the highest good of all”

It’s important to focus on personal energies as well as world energies to keep your motives pure and effective.

2. Clear your home: take the time to clean and organize your space. I like to burn a sage smudge and make clockwise circles in all four corners in every room to ward off the stale, negative energy that we’re bound to accumulate as we venture through life. If you’re not a fan of smudges it can also be effective to sprinkle salt in the same pattern. Both essences neutralize negativity and help ward off airborne viruses and bacteria in your home.

2. Clear your aura: there are an infinite number of ways to clear your aura. I use Reiki to clear my chakras individually then comb away the excess from my energy field. You can also use a sage smudge and circle it around yourself, take a salt water bath or whatever other form of clearing meditation resonates with you.

3. Affirm your intentions: Read them out loud or quietly to yourself with an overall emotional stand point of gratitude to really outline your faith that your intentions are concrete and a real part of your experience.

4. Let go: I like to burn or bury my list of intentions as an act of non attachment. Anything you attempt to manifest that you hold desperation towards the outcome will elude you. Imagine that peer that is madly in love with you and won’t stop contacting you and won’t give you peace and then yells at you when they haven’t received your affection in return. Kind of hard to give them what they’re asking for right? Letting go is the most unconditional love we can give and will always keep the gates open for positive outcomes.

Enjoy this beautiful energy today and make room for something wonderful!

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Oracle card of the week 10/1/17 

Often times when we get into a negative rut, we lower our expectations to avoid pain. We’re called to dig up our child like optimism to allow better things to flow our way. I’m getting insight that this especially applies to the search for true love, Whether you’re single, happily taken, or ready to be single. Change your thoughts to allow love and joy and your emotions and behaviors will naturally match creating the right frequency to attract the better experience you seek.

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