The lone wolf, a silent hero

wolf woman

You feel the most comfortable in quiet moments, the people that are closest to you still don’t know everything about you, you don’t crave the spot light or even the eyes and ears of everyone in the room, you’re alone but not lonely.

You’re a hard nut to crack for pretty much everyone that’s going to come into your life. Especially since naturally human beings are social creatures that usually thrive in groups. Why are you different? Perhaps a better question to ask is how did you get so lucky?

By being someone that thrives in solitude you have a powerful ability to develop ideas without being influenced by others. We’re here to have our own unique positive influence on earth and while others can inspire us they can’t decide for us the best possible way to unleash it, though they often will do their best to. The lone wolf’s greatest strength is keeping their energy pure and sticking to their soul’s mission, regardless of the soul mission of others along their path.

Even if you don’t feel like you identify as a lone wolf, spending time in your own silence can be a great way to restore focus on what truly matters. In an age where we’re constantly surrounded by advertisements and social media influencers Take a a note from the lone wolf and check in with your true self. The next time that friend from high school posts something that makes you feel like you’re not enough you’ll be able to call yourself on it and figure out what makes you feel like more than enough.

Become your own best friend by developing a mindfulness practice and taking technology breaks. The inner stillness is where our divinity lives, away from the pack.

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