Winter Loneliness: The Healing Power of Solitude

winter lonliness

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Depending on where you find yourself living these days, January can be a cold lonely month. When the snow is piling up to high to leave the house and you can’t explore the world around you, we’re forced to live with ourselves. For many this can lead to extreme depression and in some cases suicide.

What if we could use this darkness as a powerful tool though? Or even better, make friends with it? We only have a few choices in the matter really. We can either sit in the corner cowering in fear as our demons taunt us, or we can start the introspective conversation and heal ourselves. Here’s a couple of ways to confront and befriend our shadows.

  1. One of my favorite techniques is to personify the negative emotion. Ask questions like “where did you come from?” or “what are you trying to teach me?” If you can quiet your thoughts even for a little bit, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can get an answer. Having compassion for this darkness can help us love ourselves on a deeper level and develop a more loving relationship with our bad days.
  2. I may be biased as a writer, but Journaling is always a fierce weapon when it comes to understanding and changing our thought patterns. As these negative thoughts come in, write them down as they are, without judgement. Once you feel like you’re at a stopping point and read them, decide whether they come from something you can fix or something from your passed that hurt you. More often than not the second option is the case, in which we should honor and reflect the validity of this pain, but understand that this is a different version of ourselves that we’ve grown from.
  3. Another great writing technique if we’re at the point where we’re ready to move on, that I learned at the very beginning of my spiritual journey from a fantastic blog called, High Existence  , is writing down your negative or damaging belief and burning or burying it. You can create symbolism in your life representing the end of a phase that doesn’t serve you so you can welcome one that does.

It can be scary being and feeling alone whether you’re facing a struggle or not, but you have the choice within you to transform this energy into whatever you need, always.

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