Automatic Writing: Unlock your Subconscious Desires

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Myself personally, I’m a wanderer. I need changing scenery in order to feel connected and content in my surroundings. How I earn a living doesn’t click as a part of my personal identity, and anything I do for a living has to allow me to be my true self and live a life that feels authentic. Preferably something that I can do remotely, something creative, and something that brings joy and peace to myself and others.

How do I know this about myself? How can anyone really know anything about themselves in this age of constant comparison, constant exposure to advertisements, the line between celebrities and public figures becoming blurred, forcing us to feel like these larger than life influencers are real and we’re not being the best version of ourselves if we’re not like them. It even feels like spirituality has become a trendy, vapid industry. Are you really a yogi if you aren’t wearing lulu lemon?

Now more than ever we need tools that don’t require booking a $100 an hour “Master Class” from an aspiring life coach that’s trying to earn their money back from the “Master Class” they took on building a master class. You need to know how to tune into your own voice.  Automatic writing is one of my favorite tricks to cut out the noise and listen to my own gut.

Step (1) Set an intention. What answers are you trying to find? Don’t be afraid to think beyond what you would already know. My favorite example of teaching this technique was a friend that suspected her longtime boyfriend was juggling multiple partners.

Step (2) Get yourself centered. You can do this through meditation, an intense workout, some deep breaths, or any go to practice that gets you fully in the present moment. My most recent practice of this led me to a peaceful lakeside hike. The key is to be relaxed but energized and calm your racing thoughts.

Step (3) Write your question down. Being able to take your thought from a pinball bouncing around in your mind to a tangible object that you can see and read is extremely grounding, and if you can see it, your higher self can answer it.

Step (4) Without thinking, a couple spaces down start writing. At this point your higher self is in the driver seat. You’ll be surprised how much information you can pull from the universe that you’d never be able to learn about elsewhere. The friend that was suspicious of her new boyfriend’s fidelity found herself writing that he wasn’t cheating, he was planning a surprise trip. 2 months later on her birthday, he took her to a cabin in one of their favorite national parks and proposed. It seems uncanny that she would have been able to not only calm her anxiety and doubts, but also predict the future. Just by shutting out the noise and listening to her own wisdom.

She didn’t have to sign up for a work shop, or meet a psychic, or even confront her boyfriend of her suspicions. All of our knowledge is one knowledge, and the only key you need to unlock is your own inner peace. That is just one example of the power of automatic writing. Try it for yourself and share your results!

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