Unconditional Love v.s Being a Doormat


They say forgiveness is divine and I for one can attest to this. But At what point are we entertaining a false promise and sacrificing too much of ourselves? We all know someone that gives over and over again to an ungrateful entity like a significant other, a job, or a family member under the false pretense of unconditional love. Where do we draw the line and take back what’s ours?

How does it make you feel to give? We’re all designed to give a certain way and to receive a certain way. We can only really make a difference when we find someone who wants our particular gift. If you feel unappreciated, angry or tired from giving to a particular endeavor it’s better not to continue to shove your square peg into round holes. No need to stop feeling fond of this person, place or thing. Just learn to love from a far.

Your intentions may be pure but are you upsetting people with your loving gestures? Often times on a deeper level when we receive something we don’t deserve it feels wrong. In the short term it’s always easy to tell a white lie and thank the giver while we get what we want from the situation, but we’re only wired to be dishonest for so long. Anyone taking advantage of your giving will start to become resentful because of their inner guilt and lack of ability to graciously receive it. It will show itself physically in a matter of time as well. Keep your eyes open for tense body language, avoiding eye contact and other non verbal cues.

My intention is not to discourage you from being vulnerable, nurturing and sweet to all you encounter. I simply encourage you to direct these helpful super powers to a cause that needs your specific brand.


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