Grateful or Lazy? When to take action to change your surroundings.


In this difficult age it’s no wonder why self help rituals like daily gratitude and self love affirmations are becoming a crucial part of our daily routines. Happiness has become a skill that we must perfect since our external world is spinning out of control. But while resisting and trying to control things beyond ourselves isn’t beneficial, How do we know when it’s time to wake up from a sparkly fog of denial and take the proper steps to improve our situation?

1.Is not dealing with it affecting your health in negative ways? An example of this fine line is with our body image. Perfection in the eyes of a cruel unloving audience isn’t important but if there’s clear, measurable health issues with your current body condition avoiding to lose or gain weight isn’t self love.

2.Are you causing yourself or your loved ones pain? Speak your mind and don’t ever try to fit into a box that isn’t you, but sometimes the lifestyle we’re living can inhibit the growth of the people in our lives. Do other people have to consistently sacrifice their needs for you to have yours? Similarly at what point does not taking action put you in danger?

3.Are your stress factors increasing? Dissociation is a common reaction to stress or trauma. Often time in the immediate the pile of dishes or stack of bills loses power but only continues to be a threat to your inner peace.

Accepting yourself exactly as you are is the only way to live but not at the cost of becoming your best, most loving self.


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