The ultimate Manifestation: The Lion’s Gate Portal


August 2017 holds a great amount of cosmic weight. With multiple planets going retrograde and both Lunar and Solar Eclipses working around the full and new moons the energy may begin to feel frantic and heavy if you’re not properly grounded. From August 8th to the 14th a rare astrological opportunity will be available to more firmly secure this for yourself and for all.

The astrological sign Leo has long been associated with the courageous Lion. Confident, willing and able to be whatever the situation in front of us may need. Exactly what the universe needs of us right now. This particular thinning of the veil will show us how we can embody this traits to better prepare ourselves for the new earth. Forget your typical theories of what you believe the end of the world will look like. If you’re reading an article like this, chances are you’ve already been experiencing the changes needed to embody the new earth vibration.

To simplify and put to rest any fears you have, just embrace love. Everything man does is for love, even war. The root of every action weather kind or heinous is for the desire to feel one with this peaceful, loving graceful light within us all. The most courageous act we must perform now though is to skip the extra steps and just be at peace. Regardless of our surroundings we can be loving and at peace. This will create the new earth. An earth of pure peace ready to accompany the source of all creation.

This means loving your enemies, forgiving those who have wronged you. Not for the purpose of welcoming these painful energies back into your life, but to be a more pure anchor for love. In the face of cruelty, you must be love. This open portal will show you your next steps. You may or may not be ready for what you have to do. But trusting that this is your truth will be the answer. All in all. Choose Love, Choose peace. Forget everything else.

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