Creative Magic: Scratching the Itch for Expansion


When I was planning my wedding, I didn’t experience the stress that everyone said I would. I was exited to pick out flowers, to play around with different fabrics, to design my perfect cake. What was stressful, was everyone getting into my space and taking away the pleasures of the creative process and trying to take them for themselves. While I was angry, I understand that even people that aren’t artistic or the “creative” type, have this itch. The itch to see and idea become a reality.

We were all made in the image of the divine, and the divine is constantly expanding, or in other words, creating. In some cultures it’s believed that if this instinct isn’t satisfied we can find ourselves headed down a dark path. This can mean addiction, depression, or even physical disease. I’m sure I’ve sold you, but what action steps can you take to keep this balance.

1. Ask you uncomfortable emotions questions: Jealousy is a perfect example of an emotion that rises when your creative itch isn’t being scratched. Ask yourself am I feeling this because of what’s happening around me? Or is there something I can do to heal myself from the inside out.

2. One Step a day: We’re all too busy. That’s the number one reason we avoid improving ourselves. But we all have time to add one more piece to that painting. I had time to write this one blog article. We can add dance moves while we brush our teeth or cook dinner. Little steps are everything in the big picture. Take one each day.

3. Create opportunities, don’t just take the ones you’re given: I especially learned this through the planning of my wedding. I so desperately wanted to see this vision come to life and friends or family members that either didn’t have the opportunity to have a bigger wedding or hadn’t found the they’re twin flame did as well. And now that it’s all over the itch has been scratched for no one. But my home could still use some new decor, I could host a small brunch, or a million other things. There doesn’t have to be one big thing. There’s always something to celebrate and an opportunity to create.

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