The Spiritual Procrastinator’s Guide to following your Intuition

lazy cat

We’ve all found ourselves here. You’ve started Meditation or Yoga as a way to help you cope with stress and suddenly you’ve activated parts of your brain that have been dormant for years. You suddenly start getting insights and ideas with a certain urgency behind them. Some people call it “Divine Guidance” Or “Spiritual Downloads”. Myself for example received advice to get more solid on climbing and take a class at the local rock gym. Completely random and seemingly unhelpful. I’m already active and go on hikes all the time. How could I possibly need to add this skill to my already intense bond with nature and physical fitness?

As an avid Yogi and Meditation Practitioner I’m no stranger to these random blurbs of advice seemingly linked to nothing important. When I first began I received a message to start hula hooping. Being new and exited by the idea of spiritual insight I Immediately purchased a fitness hoop, started obsessively watching youtube videos and attending workshops whenever I could. Because of my quick obedience to this message from my higher self I’ve made some truly wonderful friends and taken trips that have been crucial in my understanding of self.

Something more difficult was recently when I was told to leave my former place of employment. In the beginning I truly loved my job and had no other way to really support myself financially, so naturally I wrote this off as me just having a long day and maybe just keep an eye out for other postings casually. The longer I ignored my intuition the more punishment I experienced in my everyday life. Signs like my car mysteriously stopping on the way to work and the mechanic declaring that everything seemed to be working fine, a growing rift with my fiance’, a robbery, and eventually I developed type 1 diabetes which wouldn’t allow me to work under the conditions I was dealt with. Soon I realized that the things I was holding on to weren’t real and that I had more to lose by sticking it out, than by taking a leap of faith and submitting my notice.

Sure enough once I took that leap of faith everything completely lined up. We closed on our new house, the perfect job that I didn’t even know I wanted offered me the perfect salary, our relationship improved, our financial situation improved, everything happened because I finally took action on what I knew to be true. It didn’t seem like the right thing to do, but it’s important to remember that we don’t know everything. That’s what our intuition is for. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get ready to climb.


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