5 Simple Luxuries You Absolutely Deserve


mountain hot tub.jpg

  1. You deserve Alone Time: We’re Social Creatures, but quiet time to clear our minds is essential for us to Survive and Thrive.
  2. You deserve to be Taken Out on Dates: Whether you’re single and looking for true love, or have already found your special someone, being romanced, wined and dined is a perfectly reasonable request. Passionate love affairs don’t begin on the couch. Despite what trends may show.
  3. You deserve bath time to be a spiritual experience: We can’t always afford a trip to the spa, but you deserve to be pampered regularly. Light some candles, put on some soothing music, and fill the tub with fragrant bubbles. You’ll be surprised how simple additions can transform bathing to the oasis you’ve been seeking.
  4. You deserve to Stay Fit: Taking the time to work out is the ultimate investment in yourself. When you look and feel good, you’re naturally more helpful to others. You’re not selfish for setting aside a block of time for your health.
  5. You deserve to Follow you’re dreams: This was a hard one for me. I knew I was a writer my whole life but with the limiting belief that I’d be a “Starving Artist” held me back. For now I still work to cover my bills but I’ve arranged a lifestyle where I have consistent time and a platform to do what I love. Even if your dream isn’t paying you setting a side time to complete one task towards it can make a big difference.                           Thank you for Donating!


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