The Sensitive Soul vs. Corporate America

header4One of the unfortunate aspects of being a creative type is that often times to pay the bills while we chase our dreams we have to have a day job. More often than not this puts us in a position where we’re spending more time doing things we don’t enjoy and interacting with people that don’t understand us or encourage us to be authentic. I’ve been personally pushed to the dramatic, cathartic storming out of a job more times than I can count because I’m convinced that my sensitivity shouldn’t be watered down for the sake of conformity in the work place. Sadly, I haven’t convinced Corporate America of this quite yet. So how do you make the best of the ol’ 9-5 without being less of your beautiful, intuitive self?

  1. Find quiet time through out the day. When you’re eating lunch, going to the bathroom etc., make it your time.
  2. Be Assertive for your sensitivity. If there’s some reasonable adjustments that can be made to help you function better at work don’t be afraid to say so.
  3. Listen to music. If you’re duties allow you time to pop in some head phones and listen to music that lifts your spirit please do.
  4. Schedule time to let it out. The majority of people you encounter through no fault of their own don’t know how to handle honest emotional expression. Instead of letting stress or sadness bottle up and implode see if you can take mini breaks to cry or scream into a pillow.
  5. Understand that it’s just a job. Your health and happiness are more valuable than anything and leaving a toxic work environment will only bring you better opportunities to earn and thrive.

Your sensitivity is a super power not a weakness. We all have responsibilities and paying the bills is one of them, but you’re kindness, compassion, empathy and honesty will bring you more value than a paycheck.


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