The Silver Lining in Getting stuck

Happy Tuesday my beauties! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share with you a little about the lessons I take with me as I navigate through this wonderful life. Lately I’ve been stead fast on making some positive changes. I’m buying a new home with my fiance’, planning our wedding, selling our old home, looking for a new career in our new town, trying to get back on track with my workout routine and all sorts of great adventures.

However I’m finding that every time I take a step towards these goals, I keep finding more and more road blocks keeping my from  fulfilling my vision. Of course my natural instinct is to curse the heavens for stopping me from getting what I want and pouting in the corner, but there’s got to be something beneficial to this slow moving progress. As I look back on my experiences there’s usually one of three reasons I’m not making progress.

  1. I’m not the right person for these changes yet. Because I’m facing obstacles I’m forced to evaluate myself and see how I can improve to better fit the life that I really want. While I’d like to think that because in the past I’ve had this type of job experience and made this much money that I’m qualified to do it again, perhaps the world is shifting so in order to compete I need to gain more skills, sell myself better, write a better cover letter, or perhaps finish my degree. While yes I need to remain confident and never feel as though I’m not enough it’s important to be willing to adapt to new surroundings.
  2. My duties where I am now aren’t finished. Perhaps I have some unfinished business in my current town? With my family? With my friends? With my current employer? Whether you believe in karma or not I’ve had more than one encounter where in order to move to the next level I had to settle my debt to my current situation before reaping the benefits of the next one. Maybe I’m still needed as a tool to help someone else meet their purpose? Is there something I need to apologize for? Maybe I need to forgive? Maybe someone needs to forgive me? How can I better serve my current situation in order to set up the best possible foundation for the next one?
  3. There’s something better waiting. I remember when I was hunting for my first big girl job. I’d been volunteering  as a alternative dispute resolution specialist at the housing court for a year in hopes that I’d get my foot in the door for a stable 9-5 job. I applied for real paying positions as they became available and consistently got rejected. It was disheartening but after returning to volunteer rejection after rejection they ended up creating a position for me that was better tailored to the volunteer work I had been doing. It was better pay, better hours and a more fulfilling way to earn a living that I had ever thought possible. If I had stopped showing up to play after the first fumble I wouldn’t have scored the touch down. And if I had gotten any of those other positions I would have never found as much joy.

While  I still hope that I can meet the expectations I’ve set for myself and I can march forward into the new phase, I can use the stagnant energy as a quiet space to learn and grow. There’s a lesson in these challenges and I can’t wait to master it to better myself!


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