Envy: Why You Should Cut it out and How


Socrates refers to Envy as the “Ulcer of the soul”.  This is the way that we take positive aspects of humanity and transform them into our own pain. We as humanity must retrain ourselves to celebrate others talents, traits and experiences instead of punishing ourselves for lacking them, or worse wishing this lack on others.

In my past before I understood my higher self and purpose I often felt upset when I witnessed people shining their authentic light. I questioned why them and not me? I didn’t understand why the universe would bless other people with all this beauty, wealth, fun so effortlessly when I was struggling for it. I eventually realized that focusing on the thought pattern of “They have so much, and I have nothing” Only reinforced the theme in my own life. I started taking a couple of steps to change my perception and I hope that they’re beneficial to you as well.

1. Focus on Self Improvement: Envy comes from the root desire to experience more blessings and positive experiences. We all need to make the switch from focusing on what others are doing to focusing on what we can do to be better. By putting our energy into self improvement we see the world around us improve with us.

2. Celebrate the Accomplishments of Others: When the little green monster in your head starts whispering jealous words when your friend gets engaged or a co worker gets a promotion, shut him up by complimenting them instead. Give gratitude and appreciation for the positive change in their life. Eventually these loving words will drown out the discouraging voice.

3. Recognize that others blessings are a sign of your blessings: If it wasn’t possible for you to experience the love, health, prosperity and joy of the universe, you wouldn’t see others experiencing it. Recognize that from a vibrational standpoint good things are possible when you appreciate them manifesting in all forms. Your best friend finding their soulmate only means that there is love, the neighbor winning the lottery is a sign that there is wealth, your brother completing that marathon is a sign that you’re surrounded by health. The positive energy you witness in others is still your positive energy. Be grateful for it and it’ll come closer and closer.

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