Oracle card of the week 9/24/2017

Congratulations! You made it through an incredibly challenging week! The intensity has allowed you to work through long term blocks and heal yourself. The week ahead offers us much needed relief. Make sure you use this vitality to serve others anyway you can to keep the positive energy flowing. Acts of service and kindness in the right direction will always help build a momentum for enthusiasm and inner peace. Good Karma always builds Good Karma! Enjoy it!

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When You’ve Lost it All, You’ll find your Magic

As human beings, we’re naturally seeking what’s comfortable and familiar. As higher beings that have lived multiple lifetimes, we need to keep things a little more interesting. If we don’t step up to Challenge ourselves life tends to orchestrate itself in a challenging way.

If your soulmate is waiting for you to reach for the same book at the library and accidentally brush your hand in an intimate dance, it may be hard to meet them if you’re in a long term relationship with someone who’s soul contract has already been completed with you. We have a deep seeded understanding that the universe is working to bring us love, prosperity, and health. However we often feel that we know exactly how it should come to us. Silly us.

We often fight to maintain what’s familiar. We may know our spouse is cheating, we may know that we would be happier starting our own business, or we may know that we’d benefit greatly by incorporating a plant based diet. But changes like these rock our foundation, and always have a chance of backfiring negatively.

When it’s time we may get fired, our spouse may leave us, or we may develop allergies or reactions to the foods that we once craved. When a soul contract is completed and we can’t take the hint, we get a broadcast that can no longer be ignored.

When the universe pulls the floor out beneath your feet, be grateful. Be in a state of childlike wonder in joyous anticipation of what’s happening next. Nothing new and wonderful can happen if you resist letting go of the old. wallpaper-string-theory-digital-colorfull-abstraction

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Oracle card of the week 9/18/17

No one knows you better than you know yourself, yet everyone seems to have some advice on what your next right move is. With this magic new moon energy we’re guided to manifest our next big leap into our truth. Let go of any self doubt or worries about the material aspects. Your bills will be paid, and the flood gates of prosperity will open. You know the environment that you best thrive in. Go find it with 100% confidence, and live it.

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Empaths vs. High Sensitive Perception (HSP): The importance of knowing the difference


Both beings experience life through an enhanced lens. Both Beings know the pain and joy of others. However, being an empath is not the umbrella term that it’s become. Many people will find a top ten list on a psychic blog and immediately identify as an empath when they’re actually HSP. This can be a dangerous misconception as the techniques for development and protection are very different.

  1. While you both experience intense waves of emotions, an HSP may just feel the overall sensation that the emotion brings without a specific source. An empath will begin to miss a relative that may not have ever known when in the presence of those grieving, an HSP may still feel this deep sadness, but will not be able attach the sadness to a person, place or thing.
  2. You both may experience the physical sensations of an emotion, but an empath will experience the same exact physical sensations that the people around them are experiencing. If an empath is around someone experiencing nausea, they will pick up a mirror image of this person’s nausea, while an HSP will experience more of a sympathetic nausea that they can take ownership of.
  3. Both are a desirable resource for dark forces not of the divine, empath’s are at risk more for different forms of possession. Without the understanding that a thought or intention might not belong to them, they may act on dangerous impulses without knowing who’s really pulling the strings. HSPs are more at risk for personal attacks that may back them into the corner and keep them in fear, preventing them from carrying out their divine mission.

It’s important to know which category you fall in, because while the practices of shielding, clearing, and sending healing energy may be the same, the intention is different. An Empath must learn to become firm in their own energy to make sure they don’t mistake others emotions for their own. The intention an empath must hold is the ability to know oneself 100%. An HSP must hold the intention of holding a repellent from psychic attack, as well as the ability to quickly and easily clear their energy in case of an intrusion. Both beautiful light workers must loves themselves and others at all costs. Your ability to love and understand beyond your own form is a gift the world needs.

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Oracle card of the week 9/12/17

I apologize for the delay. My husband and I had such a wonderful weekend together for his birthday in Columbus, OH. Some of the tastiest beers we’ve been blessed to sample in such loving company. Nevertheless we must press on with our weekly reading.

At a certain point of progress on our path, we come to a stopping point where in order to continue forward, something we’ve been holding onto must go. If you’ve been hiking through a frozen tundra and suddenly find yourself on a sunny beach wouldn’t you take off your parka? Not to discard completely but at least set it aside for when we truly need it. What serves as your parka on the beach? What changes must you make to be your best self in the oncoming phases? All wonderful thoughts to ponder. The good news is the proper release will launch you forward in a positive direction. Enjoy your peace and success.


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Here’s a Secret…Not Everyone is Beautiful


Isn’t it wonderful that we’re finally seeing diversity in the fashion, beauty and entertainment industry? Isn’t it refreshing to see women of all shapes and sizes, ethnicities and backgrounds being represented as desirable and attractive? It’s wonderful to see that we are opening our hearts and minds to what can appeal to the eye, but we’re still blinded by the wrong message.

I notice the reactions I receive on days when I style my hair, do my makeup and wear something figure flattering versus the days where I rock sweat pants and a pony tail. More doors are generously opened, more people smile at me, if I tell a joke the laughs are louder.

The value we put on the people around us still heavily relies on whether we find them beautiful or not, and even though our view points of who this includes are expanding, we’re still thinking too small. The words we say, the steps we take, the love we give and receive, and the hearts we lift show the real us, not the way we look.

I challenge you to strike up a conversation with a stranger that isn’t your “type”. Have a conversation with someone with the intention of learning something new, not establishing a connection based on attraction. Learn to feel out the world with a sense outside of sexuality.

Not everyone is beautiful, but everyone has an important gift to share with the world.

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Oracle card of the week 9/4/2017

We all have a latent power that can help with the situation in question. Turn inward and ask yourself what your special talents are that can serve to heal the path you’re on. There is no greater magic than believing in yourself and pushing forward. A short but powerful message for the week ahead. Take inspired action with confidence this week and all your steps will be towards greatness.

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Oracle card of the week 8/29/2017

The energy of the week is ripe for creation, but only if we are open and receptive to learning new things. Fertility can relate to anyone looking to conceive a child, an idea, or anyone/ anything that requires your loving, focused attention. Our goals are attainable if we can be humble and open to suggestions from people that offer mentorship. It’s okay to have help, you can and will feel the pride of accomplishment even if you don’t do it all on your own. I’m getting the message that new mothers can truly benefit with the help from other mothers this week.

It can be hard to let your guard down and ask for guidance, but your vulnerability will be welcomed and you will be empowered.

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Post Eclipse Madness: What am I feeling?


Photo Credit: David Michaels

August has been an extremely significant month for cosmic activity. With the lion’s gate portal, and two eclipses each landing around the beginning and end of of moon phases, as well as mercury going retrograde from August 14th to September 5th many of us are feeling, not so much like ourselves. This is all perfectly normal and exactly what’s expected of us on a much higher level.

Many of us are feeling drowsy, unfocused, nauseous, achey and depressed. Some of us may begin to develop extrasensory gifts which always begin uncomfortably. Especially for those of us that haven’t quite figured out how to cope with our ascension symptoms. With no ability to pin point the source of this unsatisfying state we can feel lost, and afraid.

Intense cosmic shifts serving as the perfect storm of renewal for our planet and for us. This is a time of healing, of releasing, resetting, and therefore resting. I don’t necessarily subscribe to the beliefs that all your ambitions will be thwarted during mercury retrograde from the fear based perspective, but more so as a reminder of the significance of taking time to reflect, express gratitude, focus on self care, and let go of beliefs, people, places, and things that don’t serve us anymore.

How often do we get swept up in the whirlwind of life without stopping to take inventory of what’s already wonderful, and what could use some work? Whether you planned on it or not this is your opportunity to do so. Stay hydrated, eat modestly, and be open to slower energies. Once they speed up we’re going to need to be grounded and ready for intense change.

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Oracle card of the week 8/20/2017

  • Could there have been a more fitting message for the week of a new moon and solar eclipse? Ready or not habits, people, places, things and situations that no longer serve us are on the way out. Sometimes we find ourselves addicted to the familiar chaos that can come from toxic, negative energies, and the divine is giving us a cleansing, tough love to force us to quit cold turkey. This will be a challenging clearing, but we’re asked to give the almighty the benefit of the doubt that we will be better off. Affirm that we trade our drama and negativity for peace, love and the highest good of all! Don’t forget to wear proper eye protection as you enjoy this miraculous cosmic performance!
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