The Paradox of Ambition

3CD7B253-310D-4EEB-B3C2-2C9865DD6358Today is such an incredible day. I woke up when my eyes opened naturally, I made my coffee in a pour over with extra love, I gave myself reiki, I pet my cat, listened to some soft meditation music, I played around with an adult coloring book and didn’t worry if I stayed inside the lines. As I write this I’m still in my bathrobe, my house is a mess as well as my hair and I haven’t even showered or brushed my teeth. Today has been about nothing but soothing myself and following the path of least resistance.

If you haven’t noticed, It’s been a couple of weeks since I have written a blog article other than the oracle card of the week. Don’t get me wrong, writing about this human experience from the perspective of an awakened spiritual being brings me such joy and once I can sit down with an open laptop and get my fingers to the key board the words flow and I get lost in the enjoyment of it, but for some reason the past couple of weeks I couldn’t push myself to sit down and make it happen. Any time my reminder went off to write or doing something productive towards my upcoming book or this blog my mind froze. So why is it that on days like today when I’ve been by most people’s standards a little lazy, selfish and unproductive am I unstoppably inspired to write? I finally understand.

When you are a creative being, the “work” your doing cannot be jarred up through self help books pushing you to set a timer and write until it beeps. Your productivity as a creative comes when you ease into your being. The concept of working your ass off to create is counter productive. You’re not digging for gems, you’re holding the bucket so they can fall in and expressing gratitude for every gift of inspiration.

There is no success formula that will cover everyone’s goals and it’s time we stopped looking for answers outside of ourselves. Just be, and you’ll find your own formula.

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