Oracle card of the week 9/12/17

I apologize for the delay. My husband and I had such a wonderful weekend together for his birthday in Columbus, OH. Some of the tastiest beers we’ve been blessed to sample in such loving company. Nevertheless we must press on with our weekly reading.

At a certain point of progress on our path, we come to a stopping point where in order to continue forward, something we’ve been holding onto must go. If you’ve been hiking through a frozen tundra and suddenly find yourself on a sunny beach wouldn’t you take off your parka? Not to discard completely but at least set it aside for when we truly need it. What serves as your parka on the beach? What changes must you make to be your best self in the oncoming phases? All wonderful thoughts to ponder. The good news is the proper release will launch you forward in a positive direction. Enjoy your peace and success.


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