Here’s a Secret…Not Everyone is Beautiful


Isn’t it wonderful that we’re finally seeing diversity in the fashion, beauty and entertainment industry? Isn’t it refreshing to see women of all shapes and sizes, ethnicities and backgrounds being represented as desirable and attractive? It’s wonderful to see that we are opening our hearts and minds to what can appeal to the eye, but we’re still blinded by the wrong message.

I notice the reactions I receive on days when I style my hair, do my makeup and wear something figure flattering versus the days where I rock sweat pants and a pony tail. More doors are generously opened, more people smile at me, if I tell a joke the laughs are louder.

The value we put on the people around us still heavily relies on whether we find them beautiful or not, and even though our view points of who this includes are expanding, we’re still thinking too small. The words we say, the steps we take, the love we give and receive, and the hearts we lift show the real us, not the way we look.

I challenge you to strike up a conversation with a stranger that isn’t your “type”. Have a conversation with someone with the intention of learning something new, not establishing a connection based on attraction. Learn to feel out the world with a sense outside of sexuality.

Not everyone is beautiful, but everyone has an important gift to share with the world.

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