Post Eclipse Madness: What am I feeling?


Photo Credit: David Michaels

August has been an extremely significant month for cosmic activity. With the lion’s gate portal, and two eclipses each landing around the beginning and end of of moon phases, as well as mercury going retrograde from August 14th to September 5th many of us are feeling, not so much like ourselves. This is all perfectly normal and exactly what’s expected of us on a much higher level.

Many of us are feeling drowsy, unfocused, nauseous, achey and depressed. Some of us may begin to develop extrasensory gifts which always begin uncomfortably. Especially for those of us that haven’t quite figured out how to cope with our ascension symptoms. With no ability to pin point the source of this unsatisfying state we can feel lost, and afraid.

Intense cosmic shifts serving as the perfect storm of renewal for our planet and for us. This is a time of healing, of releasing, resetting, and therefore resting. I don’t necessarily subscribe to the beliefs that all your ambitions will be thwarted during mercury retrograde from the fear based perspective, but more so as a reminder of the significance of taking time to reflect, express gratitude, focus on self care, and let go of beliefs, people, places, and things that don’t serve us anymore.

How often do we get swept up in the whirlwind of life without stopping to take inventory of what’s already wonderful, and what could use some work? Whether you planned on it or not this is your opportunity to do so. Stay hydrated, eat modestly, and be open to slower energies. Once they speed up we’re going to need to be grounded and ready for intense change.

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