Anxiety as a super power: Your intuition hard at work


Anxiety gets a bad reputation. Understandably so since it’s incredibly uncomfortable to experience whether it’s you or someone you love. But what if maybe the clenching in our stomach, the shakiness, and all the painful emotional aspects had a message for us?

When we’re not on the right path it can lead to all sorts of negative manifestations. What if our anxiety is a compass, leading us away from what’s not meant for us? As we become more and more authentic, what’s not for us has to be pushed away. Naturally when things shake up our carefully constructed plans we feel afraid, but what if we could ask the discomfort questions?

We’d know the next right move. We would take the next right step. We could get back on the right path. As you continue on your spiritual journey you might even get validation.

Back in College I remember being madly in lust with a guy that had secrets. I found myself feeling angry when he didn’t respond to my texts, or cancelled plans. More than I should have been. I didn’t want to be “that crazy girl” so I avoided confronting him about my suspicions until it was too late and I exploded with anger and jealousy in his face. Eventually after time had passed, I met the other woman. She came to me in tears apologizing for the anger she held towards me in the situation. She confessed that in addition to his lack of faithfulness he had physically abused her. We made peace and became friends. To this day I’m so grateful that those insecurities boiling inside me overflowed and saved me from a much worse pain.

Next time you notice yourself becoming anxious, visualize your anxiety as a friend in need. Ask it what’s wrong and how you can help. The answer may surprise you and the confirmation in your life will surprise you even more.

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