Energy Vampires: How to Stop them from Sucking out your Light


We all know one. We’ve all been one. As we grow more compassionate we learn to understand why someone would need to suck the joy out of another being. When a person is afraid, dissatisfied, or overall feeling unloved it’s natural for them to seek positive energy to escape these negative emotions. However, without realizing it, the search for relief can mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically drain the people around them.

While we compassionately wish them the same relief they crave we still have to live our lives in alignment with our best possible good. Energy vampires flock to positive, spiritual types with the same desperation as an addict to their dealer. Your light gives them temporary joy that they unfortunately can’t sustain leaving both of you zapped and aimlessly searching for a more lifted energy. Our joy is generated by our own inner powerhouse, not from others. By giving all of our life source to these energy vampires, we not only harm ourselves but we keep them stuck in this same cycle. So what can we do?

  1. Detached Listening: While ideally it would be nice to rid ourselves of these soul suckers, sometimes we find ourselves surrounded by energy vampires that we can’t avoid. The coworker that seems to have more problems than they can count, the gossipy cashier, the worrying, overbearing family member, the parent of our children and so on and so forth. During your interactions it’s possible be a comforting ear to listen to their pain, as long as you confirm it within your mind and soul that this is not your pain. Let yourself be a screen filtering out the negative energy, not a bucket to collect it. This is always a great opportunity to practice non judgement by not labeling their energetic chains of conscious thought as negative or positive. Just another stream of consciousness for you to observe.
  2. Become Less Available: As we grow spiritually and discover what’s best for us we may notice that people that we once deeply connected with are actually incredibly harmful for our best possible path. We see this with people completing 12 step programs that attempt to return home to see old friends that put them down for discontinuing drinking, smoking, or whatever their former vice may have been. While we love these people and thank them for the experiences they’ve added to our lives we’re in this life to be our best. You don’t always have to abruptly banish someone, sometimes being unable to meet them at the bar because you’ve got to attend your favorite yoga class is the most powerful sword you can wield. If this person is truly meant to continue to be a part of your life, they’ll open their mind to new healthy activities with you. Who knows? Your healthy habits may inspire them to cultivate the necessary lifestyle change they need.
  3. Bless them from A Far: Sometimes your firmness in the light will clash with their firmness in the dark. Separation will become inevitable. At this point the best thing to do is to monitor your thought patterns in their direction. It’s going to be natural to be angry at how they’ve affected you and it’s okay to express this honestly. Be sure that as you heal that you extend the healing vibration in their direction. Visualize cutting the chord that they used to drain you with razor sharp loving words and thoughts. Light will always overcome the darkness. And you can help them find it within themselves by focusing on being the best love generator you can be.

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