Using the law of Attraction for Love: step by step guide 

Chances are if you’ve stumbled accross my blog, you’re already familiar with the law of attraction. You know that whatever you’re focusing your thoughts, emotions and energy towards is manifesting into your life in the same level as the vibration you’ve put into it. We see this occur in a couple of ways. People that don’t actively set their intentions with the universe may wake up feeling grumpy, curse that they have to go to work and experience events lining up with the vibration of not wanting to get up and go to work. The toast might get burnt, the car might not start, the traffic might be backed up, the boss might have bad news, or anything else could reflect the thought pattern in motion. If the first thought had been “Thank god I’m alive for another day!” The story could be very different.

In the eyes of the divine love is the energy that flows through us with the least amount of effort. For some of us, achieving the proper vibration of love will bring a romantic relationship. For some the vibration of love will heal relationships with family or friends. If there’s a specific physical way you’d like it to manifest it’s important to communicate your intentions clearly.

Step 1: Be honest with yourself: Is there anything currently in your vibration that could be an opposing match to your true love? If you say accross from yourself on a date would you fall in love? What kind of conversations do you have with your reflection when you look in the mirror? What is your attitude towards past relationships, or relationships in general? Are you ready to embody the endless generosity needed in a committed relationship? Is the blockage you? Taking a moment to organize your vibrational inventory is the first step to clearing out the obstacles.

Step 2: Get Happy: creative, positive energy comes from a joyful heart. Dance, laugh, excercise, get outside, as long as it’s something that brings you to a joyful state.

Step 3: Let’s create the vision: This excercise is best done right before bed. Use all your senses to imagine what a world with your soul mate looks like. What do you spend your time together doing? How does it feel to wake up and see their face? What do they smell like? Use these visual cues to generate the warm fuzzy feeling that is alignment with your soul mate. Thank the universe for bringing them into your experience. Don’t ever forget to thank the universe. Gratitude and appreciation are the highest vibrational points of Attraction.
Step 4: Patiently observe: Still remaining in the warm, joyful state you’ve created, go about your daily life with a confident knowing that your work has been submitted and is being looked over by the divine. Pay attention to any opportunities that seem to be strategically different. Is your local pub hosting a singles mixer? Is your friend throwing a last minute party? Do you suddenly feel brave enough to take up salsa dancing? Trust your hunches. You’re on to something.

Step 5: Take action: This is where most people get tripped up. If you look accross a crowded room and see someone sparking those same feelings you generated during step 3, completion of the manifestation won’t come about if you don’t make a move. The prize is often not handed to you on a silver platter. You must acknowledge that it’s in front of you and claim it as yours.

A few notes: if you have a specific way you’d like them to look, but it doesn’t create the sense of warmth and peace matching the visualization, your soul mate may look different. Focus on how you’d like to feel with your soulmate, not on the little details. Trust that you’ll know it when it comes to you.

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