Mental Illness and lack of self care: The danger of “sucking it up”

Why is it that when we have the flu, we call off work, make ourselves something soothing to eat or drink and get lots of rest, but when we’re depressed we force ourselves into our day? The truth is in some cases, the same nurturing we give ourselves for the cold, flu or other physical illness is exactly what we need when we have an episode of anxiety, depression or otherwise. Plenty of rest, something warm and soothing to eat or drink, and staying hydrated. As someone prone to these kind of episodes I find it easier to pull myself out of the shadows when I provide myself with the proper self care. Plus what better way to alleviate the stigma with mental illness than to have confidence in your needs, and to be assertive in taking the time to heal? Next time you wake up feeling the shadow overwhelming you, show yourself love and take a sick day. You’ll be happy you did!

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