Shining your light in a world that wishes you darkness

You are a diamond. Well, Everyone is. No two corners exactly the same. All sides with a distinct shimmer. Why do you work so hard to dull your shine? I hope that you can find a way to remove these shadowy layers you’ve cast upon yourself.

The world needs your specific sparkle. The earth worm simply moves through the soil and fulfills it’s life purpose to care for it. You must put yourself out in the world. The trees need your carbon dioxide to create oxygen. The uninspired salesman on his way to work needs you to cut him off in traffic in order to push him to the low point so he finally makes a change. The lonely Cashier at the coffee shop needs your smile to keep him going through his shift. Simply by living in a state on non resistance you are fulfilling your purpose and helping others.

So keep going you brilliant jewel. You’ve got some exploring to do.

diamond mouth

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