Is your meditation practice ineffective? 3 helpful lifestyle tweaks.

Do you find yourself easily distracted during yoga or meditation? In turn leaving you more lacking of the peace you’re in search of? If you’re a beginner this may be just a par for the course. Learning to quiet your mind and embrace the inner stillness is a skill to be mastered just like anything. But a few small considerations may fill the void from your practice?

1. Are there lyrics in your music?: As a writer I often find myself choosing music with eloquent words and enjoying the complexity. However during meditation the story in the song can lead to more monkey mind. Instrumental music with consistent rhythm is usually a better choice for your brain.

2.Are you a caffeine addict?: My morning coffee has become a staple in my practice, but per the standard recommendation more than one cup a day can take a toll on our health and happiness. Remember the key is stillness, not stimulation. Everything in moderation as they say.

3. Do you have a designated space?: We live in a social world, finding true alone time can be almost impossible. Having a designated sanctuary and communicating with your family, roommates or peers that if you’re in this space you’re not to be disturbed is a crucial and powerful move. Decorate it in a way that soothes all your senses. Soon enough you’ll naturally associate this space with a meditative mind and you’ll find yourself easily getting in touch with the peace you deserve.

Like every new skill practice makes perfect but building your peace takes the right tools.

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