Happiness vs. Fun. Don’t get it twisted.


In life we often feel we’re unhappy. It’s an empty sensation we try endlessly to fill with euphoria, rushes of adrenaline and wild nights at the bar. What I’ve finally learned is that the experience I was chasing was not the same thing as the sustainable lifestyle of true happiness. How often have we confused the intensity of fun with the peacefulness of happiness? Below I’ve listed my findings on telling the difference.

Fun is in the moment, happiness is your way of living.

Fun happens to you, happiness must be created, nurtured and cultivated.

Fun turns your brain off, Happiness is engaged.

Fun is an explosion, Happiness is a  cozy, crackling fire.

Fun is temporary, happiness is forever.

Fun is what you do, happiness is who you are.

We don’t need ecstasy to be happy. We just need to open our eyes to the small joys all around us every day.


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