The power of being Kind in an unkind world.

When they offer you their poison, you don’t have to drink it. You have no obligation to be the savior of the cruel, but you can do something to help them. The fact that they have chosen you to spew their hatred towards means there is something about you that they admire. When we’re in pain it can provide temporary relief to force our burden on someone that appears to have strong shoulders. Use your strong shoulders to toss the burden away. Offer a smile instead of lashing out back or even worse, absorbing their pain. You don’t have to say anything. A smile is a shield as well as the most effective way to disarm your attacker.

By making the choice to be kind to unkind people you’re saving the world with small gestures. When can you start your crusade of love? Right now. random-act-of-kindness-11


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