Morning Routines: The Only Way to Create your Perfect Day.

meditation1I apologize for my absence the past couple of weeks. I’ve been fortunate enough to make some powerful life changes. New House, new job, new city, new dreams and so much more! While my world has been turned upside down and I face the wave of changes I’ve learned to appreciate keeping certain things consistent. Of course I’m speaking of my morning routine.

Taking the time to give myself a short reiki chakra alignment, read a chapter from whatever book I’m reading and take the time to slowly sip my coffee helps me stay sharp and at peace through whatever my day may throw at me. I’ve compiled a list of other mindful tasks that my fellow spiritual climbers use to get their day heading in the most positive direction.

  1. Tea Drinking: An ancient Chinese secret that stands the test of time. learning to patiently wait for your water to reach the right temperature. Noticing the heat of the mug in your hands, slowly sipping and noticing the complex flavors warming your soul. How delicious does that sound?
  2. Smiling Buddah Kriya: Legend says this is what brought the original Buddha out of  suffering after his repenting fast. Instructions here.
  3. Write in your Gratitude Journal: Taking inventory of what’s wonderful in your life is a fantastic tool. I find using a physical journal as oppose to your smartphone or computer to be much more satisfying.
  4. Breathing: It sounds silly, but taking a few minutes to breath with intention and love is so often overlooked.
  5. Exercise: You know that time that you don’t have to work out? I’ve found it for you. It’s lost in the couple of hours you’ve been sleeping in and then frantically getting ready for work. By starting your day with some yoga, quick cardio or strength training you’ve set yourself up to be more energetic, clearer minded and more grounded to handle any surprises ahead of you.

Making the choice to have a great day starts in the morning. Any ideas on other great ways to wake up on the right side of the bed? Comment below.



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