Higher Sight: Giraffes as animal Totems


My fiance’ and I were on a hurried road trip to a place I understood to be the answer to our prayers. The idea of stopping for anything on the way was immediately rejected. We arrived at a gothic mansion by the lake and rushed to open the large wooden doors. Upon opening the doors to go inside we found ourselves walking in a lush meadow full of healthy foliage, mountain streams and a wild herd of giraffes. An immediate wave of peace and wonder came over me, until they started stampeding in our direction. Then I woke up in a pool of sweat.

Giraffes appear in our psyche as a representation of the big picture view. They urge us to align with divine perspective, the understanding of every little step along the way being important. Not just the end result. In my dream we were rushing to an end point. Avoiding any lessons and blessings that could have been at a nearby coffee shop, the truck stop or national park.

In life we need to learn to take our time and be present for everything. So often we ignore the blessings in our current situation on the way to the next big thing. This destination syndrome is killing our happiness and stunting our growth. If stretched ourselves a little higher we’d see things are all in perfect order exactly as they are. Let’s all work a little harder to see from a little taller like the majestic giraffe.


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