Choosing Your Reaction: A Revolution in Conflict


Congratulations! You’re finally feeling completely grounded in who you are, where you’re going and what you need to do to get there. You’ve tapped into the unshakable mindset of inner peace and happiness. However, being a human being on planet earth you naturally encounter others that aren’t on your same level. This may even be someone near and dear to your heart.

Your choice of peace will challenge others. You will trigger those with anger in their hearts to become loud and try to pull you out of your zen mindset. Keep on the path of peace. The more powerful and unmovable you become in the choice to be peaceful, joyful, loving and understanding eventually those around you will not be able to help but align with the stability you put out into the world.

You are waging the most loving war, a revolution for peace. It all begins with your choice.


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