Going Gaga for self love, an apology letter


To whom it may concern.

After the criticism that came out after the 2017 super bowl half time show directed towards a beautiful, talented artist, I felt the need to speak from the heart.

To the people that look for flaws as a method of avoiding their own. I hope you find something you are so passionate about that you don’t have time to try to spread your pain with others. I’m sorry that you feel such lack in yourself that in order to relate to strong fearless symbols of love and unity you have to tear down the physical appearance of someone you’ve never met.

I’m sorry that acts of bravery frighten you. I hope that you learn to face your own fears and expose yourself to the world exactly as you are. I also hope that when you do this, the little people trying to pull you down to their size don’t get under you. Just like they don’t bother Lady Gaga and all the other truly powerful performers.

I’m sorry that the majority of women don’t feel like we can all do well. I hope one day we realize that we can all win.

Signed with love


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